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Ray Bray
Name Ray Bray
Joined 299 days ago
Hobbies motor cycle riding, fishing, and camping
About Me living with a wonderful woman now for 14 years, hoping to maybe own a 3 wheel motor cycle with trailer, so we can travel, were getting to old for 2 wheeled motor cycle, we live on a fixed income because i am not able to work any more, i have 12 grand children ages from 2 months to 8 years old, would like to visit them more often some day
Ray Bray
Get Sophia Grace & Rosie's New Movie!
71 days ago

my grand daughters would just love this movie, not to mention the quality time, that we will have, thank you.

Ray Bray
Ellen's 'High Five to Win a 65"!'
73 days ago

high five for 65, goes out to Ludacris

Ray Bray
Everyone in the Audience Gets a Beats Pill Speaker!
75 days ago

Dear Ellen, I just got home from California, I moved my old roommate back with her family, which was good because I got to visit my family while i was there, my small studio apt. seems so quit and empty now, not because she left, but because the cable and tv was hers, lol, can I watch complete Ellen show online, or just short video clips, love your show

Ray Bray
What's in the Birthday Box?
116 days ago

Dear Ellen, first off I would just like to wish you a late happy birthday, because I just got back from California, I took my roommate back to Sac. to live with her mom, she didn't think we were going to make it because my car is a 1988 model with over 330,000 miles on it, I also was not sure we would make, but I didn't tell her that, because she would have freaked out, while in Calif. I also had the opportunity to see all my brothers and sisters, glad to be back home so i can start watching your show again, didn't have much time for tv while in Cailf, anyways Happy Birthday again, Love you and your show

Ray Bray
Kirstie Alley, Wendi McLendon-Covey
182 days ago

old joke--- why did the chicken cross the road? because has not been cooked yet :) love your show Ellen, Kristie Alley was awesome

Ray Bray
Win Day 6 of 12 Days!
223 days ago

Dear Ellen, My truck broke down yesterday and I had to have it towed, i may not be able to be able to fix until next month, but that's not the bad news, the bad news is, it took the tow truck 3 hours to show up, therefore causing me to miss the first half of the greatest show on TV, The Ellen Show, needless to say I was not a happy camper, I love you show, your awesome