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About Me I am a married working mother of 3. I have a son who is 10 and twin boy and girl who are 9. I moved from London to Perth WA 5 and a half yrs ago, I love living here but miss my family alot. A year after moving to Perth my husband, I and my babies all took up Karate, my husband and I have both got ourselves to brown belt, was such a great achievement. Any hoo I can go on forever, I'll not bore you any further. Rax
Colin Farrell, Nolan Gould
653 days ago

Hey Ellen, I am so jealous of you. Not because your beautiful, funny, very sucessful but because when every you have Colin on the show you kiss him. If he's ever visiting Australia Perth then get him to pop around for a barbie, the invite goes out to you too.
Love Rax

The Best of Classic Joke Wednesday
653 days ago

I have a great joke which my children told me.
Why did the mushroom go to the bar?
because he's a fun-guy (Fungi) okay maybe not so great but made me laugh.