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Rania Pettengill
Name Rania Pettengill
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Hobbies Games, cooking, anything creative
About Me I am disabled so cant do much any more but loved, outdoor work on gardens, had milking goats, chickens and just being outside appreciating it. I suffer from SLE (Lupus), and several other auto-immune diseases, spinal injury, survivor of domestic violence, and many other things that made me as strong as I am today. My husband, my children, living,I have lost two to death, and my grandchildren. I adore my dog and I try to be positive at all times.
Rania Pettengill
Fergie and Day 6 of 12 Days!
592 days ago

Dear Ellen,
I am trying so hard to get my name on the 12 Days of Giveaways. I stumbled a couple of times on the sight but cant seem to find it. Please help me find how to do this. I use a pc but am a novice user. I am disable and my pc and of course watching good television and of course my granddaughter's visits keep me going. I should have mentioned my dog too. She was a rescue, a wonderful companion to me when my husband has to be gone.
I only get out to doctor appointments and that is it. I love to laugh and you sure can make me laugh.
Two years ago I could enter the sweepstakes with no problem, last year I couldnt enter it once and this year its been just a couple of time. What do I do, someone please help me. Rania Pettengill,

Rania Pettengill
You Write, Ellen Responds!
657 days ago

Dear Ellen,
I have tried so hard to enter the 12 days of Giveaways, last season but couldnt get on, what am I doing wrong.
My life's story would truly take a book to tell it all. I am a suvivor or domestic violence, I lost two of my children to death, have two children alive who both have struggles. I am disabled and not able to leave my home only to go for medical appointments. I have know pain from a very young age to now, but I have such a will to survive. I love to laugh and watching you I do that.
I got married to a wonderful man 35 years ago who was good to me and my children. We struggle like alot of people living day to day. He was laid off from his job and started his own heavy equipment repair business. When he works it gets us through. We dont spend money on anything other then bills. Our house needs some work and we just cant do it, at least its a roof over our head.
I just want to be able to sign in for the 12 Days of Giveaways before the Christmas season. Please I hope someone will read this and let me know how or what I am not doing right, to get my name entered daily. Thank you, Rania Pettengill