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Randy Scott
Name Randy Scott
Location Macon, Ga
Age 48
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Hobbies I read some, I go to church, and I watch some tv. I must say that watching The Ellen show has made me smile when I felt it was all I could do to hold back the tears. Thanks Ellen!
About Me I am soon to be 48 and medically a retired officer from my local Sheriff's office due to being injured while on duty in 2006. I loved everyday getting up putting on the uniform and going and serving the people for there is so much more than just protecting. I love everyone good and bad. Recently divorced a little over a month. It hasn't been easy but I have made it through with God's help for people will let you down a lot of times, but keeping my faith in God is what helps me through. I spent most my life taking care of my disabled mother until she passed away 2/7/2012 she was not just a mother she was my best friend. I started working when I was 14 just to help put food on the table, and I was happy to do so. I never got to do the stuff that other kids did I never got to a prom or to have a graduation, but never once did I regret it. Some say I sacrificed so much yet to me I sacrificed nothing for I was happy to do it and if I had to do it over I would do the same thing. I saw my mother sacrifice so much for my sister and I. She was truly and angel here on earth, and now and angel in heaven. She raised me to love and respect all people to treat all the way you want to be treated. She always said you always love as God tells us to you love everyone, and you treat everyone with love and respect at all times.She always told me to always give my all, and to always be willing to help any way you can. That is why I fight everyday to get better, for I refuse to give up.
Randy Scott
Watch Jennifer Livingston's Original Message to Her Bully
217 days ago

I am so happy that you are letting people know that people being bullied is wrong. I am soon to be 48 years old and being bullied is done to all ages. I know all to well for I was struck by lightning while on duty in 2006, and I have been made fun of had jokes made about me. I always tried to shake it off there was times that it got the best of me. I wore a compression sleeve and glove on my hand and arm for a couple of years 24/7 and at times still have to due to swelling. I also have severe photophobia and have to wear dark glasses and people are constantly making comments for I wear them day and nightpeople can be very cruel. People just don't realize that more people are permantly injured by others words and treatment than being injured or hurt for if one is not killed they can recover some what but people hurt by words and people's actions sometimes people never recover. I want to personally thank you for your taking a stand against people being bullied. Thanks Ellen.

Randy Scott
Support Indy the Dog
217 days ago

It rips my heart out to see any animal mistreated for my pup Rambo is my heart and he is like my very on child. It is most important to make sure he is well taken care of and showed the utmost love always. It hurts me so bad that someone could hurt any animal for they are our best friends. Thank you Ellen from the bottom of my heart you for you doing all that you can in helping with animal rights and the love for animals. Thank you!