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Ramona Y. Holloway
Name Ramona Y. Holloway
Location Hampton, VA
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Hobbies Spending time with my son, Reading, Solitaire, Music, Singing, Surprising people out of the blue.
About Me I have 5 Sisters and 6 Brothers. We lost our Mom to Colon Cancer on March 10, 2010 which put a tremendous void in our lives. Our Mom was very Brave and truly demonstrated the word Faith. My Mom, like myself, always put the needs of not only her children but countless others ahead of her own needs. Two of my sisters, Rolanda and Darlene especially, are always saying that I look, talk , gesture, and respond to people and things just like our Mom which I count as a Blessing. I have 2 sons, Oliver and William. Oliver served 9 years in the US Air Force performing Jet Engine Maintenance and now resides in Spring, Texas. Oliver is also in the National Guard and seeking a great paying job at this time. My younger son William is an honor student in the gifted program in the 5th grade and was the surprise of my life on January 30, 2003. I, at the time, was working 2 jobs when I went to the Doctor for my yearly exam on January 29, 2003 and was told to go straight to the hospital because I was going to have a baby. I stated to my doctor, Julie Elliott of Riverside Family Practice in Newport News, VA, : Oh no I'm not my son is 19" and my doctor said : It looks like you will deliver in March". Well, needless to say, when I arrived at the hospital the receptionist asked: Are you sure that you are pregnant? Being that I was still wearing the same clothes, never any sickness and hadn't had a menstrual in about a year I just figured that it was Menapause. I was admitted and put into a private room and knowing that I couldn't afford it, immediately caused me to start thinking that this must be Candied Camera. I began looking for cameras first under the bed then on the table lamps and any where else that I thought a camera might be. I remember thinking: I know the people watching this are laughing at me right now. Next, I was taken to get an ultra sound and I wouldn't look because I was sure that this was Candied Camera. Then I heard the doctor tell William's dad: We need to go to The Labor/Delivery section. Okay, at this point I was starting to believe that maybe this isn't Candied Camera. At 12:05 pm I was asked did I want an epidural shot and I said yes. Thank GOD that I took that shot because immediately after delivering William at 3:38 pm I started bleeding really bad and was experiencing a prolapsed uterus. I was rushed to OR and administered 3 units of blood, then on my way out of the OR another ultra sound was ordered and I heard someone say, wait a minute there's another one, My heart spiraled as I thought: What do you mean another one? Another child? Turns out they were referring to my ovaries which were now out of place from working on my uterus. Back to surgery I went but before the second surgery a nurse named Ms Gwaltney came and placed my beautiful newborn son into my arms and I remember asking GOD to please allow me to see this beautiful red face again. Thru the second surgery I was given 2 more units of blood and later woke up being told by the anesthesiologist, Dr. Ryan :We thought that we were gonna lose you, you look good and your color is back. I am so very grateful that GOD granted my plea with the gift of life of both myself and my unexpected William. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME! BLESS YOU ELLEN.
Ramona Y. Holloway
138 days ago

Ellen, you are a natural at any presentation ceremony. You Rocked it at the Oscars and should be a permanent host. Thank GOD for the many kind things that you do and have done from the heart which capitalizes your beauty both inside and outside. Keep living your truth and forever you are deemed a highly respected, most courageous and spreader of goodwill. You are the Energizer Bunny, lol, It's true!