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Ramaprasad MS
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Ramaprasad MS
Message from Ellen
226 days ago

Dear Ellen,

How do I thank you for all the right things that you are doing, I have rested sparing but have watched almost all of your videos and will continue to watch.
My Father, a honest & a very kind soul, always told me "do good and never expect anything back". From very early on he gave me 'facts of live' which I cling on to till my last breath.
In all the shows I have seen I have noticed that YOU and ONLY YOU have the power to bring in topics which reach to the hearts of people and actively or passively people hear to what you say. Ellen show is the only platform I see to reach millions if not trillions. So here is what I request you to be doing. Even if 10% acceptance makes a very huge difference.

Do something for the blind. I wish to share one of my experiences at a very early age. I was 18 at that time and I use to be part of a social network group built by like minded friends and one day we decided to take blind children to a national park, in southern India, where there are caged animals and introduce them to sounds of nature. During this exercise each one of us took charge of one blind child and I asked the blind child to explain to me what the child thought about how an Elephant will be and the child told me that it will be like a round ball but very big and obviously this was told to the child by the part time teacher. I took the child to an Elephant which was used for joy rides and when the child felt the trunk she started weeping. Swear to God that was one of the most touchy moments of my life. She couldn’t stop feeling the lips, eye lashes, trunk foot, tail body all over and continued to cry. Next day I donated my eye to Red cross society in India and I would urge you to educate people to believe that their eyes can be donated to someone and not burnt or buried. This would be a great help by you.

Dear Ellen, I am thankful to God for giving me everything that I deserve and hence I am not expecting anything in return from you. I only hope the message is passed on.

warm regards,


Ramaprasad MS
Get Ellen's CD
257 days ago

Hi Ellen,
I saw your show for the very first time and thank you for touching many lives in ways you may never know. You are one of the chosen few who honestly share & spread goodness. I prey God to empower you to continue your ways of spreading joy in people common people & celebrities alike. It is hard to find people with honesty, integrity and basic ethics and above all willingness to share. With power comes responsibility and you understand this and you have the power to reach people in mass - Never Quit. God Bless.