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Ralph W Anderson III
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Ralph W Anderson III
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337 days ago

Dear Ellen,
I have been watching your show for years with enjoyment. You brighten up everyone's day. It is so neat the way you help people's lives monetarily and socially. I sometimes catch myself wishing I could be them. I am 65 years old retired with a modest income and needing help with my home. I have a different proposal for you. Instead of you just giving me needed money, you would instead loan it to me. I need to replace my furnace, air conditioner, water heater and water softener. Not to mention our water is so hard I also need to add an inline conditioner. In all I need around 10,000. dollars to do this. I know that is a lot of money and I am not asking for a hand out. but a loan. I would pay you back at the rate of 150.00 a month till paid off including interest. I wish I could get my own loan but I have a situation where my ex wife never refinance a home and it shows up on my credit report. That has been almost 5 years ago. I am not begging, just frustrated.I pray to God every day but I know he is much more busier with more pressing matters. Please help, as I do not know what else to do.
With much love, Ralph Anderson