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Rakesh krishnan
Name Rakesh krishnan
Location Ghaziabad, UP
Age 18
Joined 678 days ago
Hobbies To become a pop-star in hollywood. singing,singing and singing
About Me I am just 16 and thankful to God that he blessed me with a unique talent that after being an Indian I can only sing hollywood its like as if I live there only But,I hope someone will surely want to listen my voice.
Rakesh krishnan
Justin Bieber
678 days ago

Everyone noticed Justin Bieber............But no onw is noticing an amazing talent from "India".it never happened before but there is a boy in India who can sing hollywood songs and his aim is to become a pop-star in hollywood.....but no one is even looking at him......reply him if you think he can change the world and also to check his voice.