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580 days ago

We don't need all the gifts, what we would like to do is spread them around to needy families and people who can't afford to enjoy this holiday. My husband and I live on social security and my disability. We try to give back as much as we can, but with gifts like these we could never give such wonderful things to people we know who are hurting now and strangers that would be so happy to receive!!!! I pray and hope you will consider us, we
Would not disappoint you, our intentions are from the heart.
Thank you so much in advance for this wonderful opportunity,
Rachel Marxen

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584 days ago

Dear Ellen,
Sitting here today thinking of the people in Newtown Ct. Maybe you have already thought of this, but if you could give to those families who were so terribly hurt by this awful event, they could see there is good in the world and that people all over feel their pain and maybe this could bring some joy to their families, and bring in some normalcy for this holiday. You always work miracles and joy and love to people and I admire you so much for all that you do.

Respectfully yours,
Rachel Marxen