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Rachel Tsirlina
Name Rachel Tsirlina
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Hobbies Travel,sawing,knitting,reading,play volleyball,movie, theater.
About Me My name is Rachel Tsirlina. 18 years ago I came with my son to the USA from Belarus. One week before that my husband passed away. It was very difficult time for me to learn English, raise my son (he was 17 at that time),help him to get education and make my own career. He graduate with honors Institute, College than University. Now he a very successful programmer. I am proud of him. My occupation is an Accountant and I was working in my field. 1ST time I was laid off after 9/11/01, then again in January 2009. Since then I do everything in my power to find employment. I am a very good in my field, but nobody hired now if you 60. I am still positive. I believe some day it happens,and somebody who have a brain and need reliable employee will hire me. Now I am in a Holiday spirit and wish everybody happy happy Holiday season!
Rachel Tsirlina
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503 days ago

I big fan of this show. I just love everything that Ellen stands for. I am starting watch this show on regular bases since I was laid off from last job, almost 4 years ago. At least now every day I have one hour of fan. It keeps me positive. Present time I can't afford ticket to the show,but maybe in the future. I am a very happy, that Ellen give this 12 day giveaway prizes to people and make them smile, excited and happy. I am not asking for anything even I do not have so many things, but I am glad that you help so many people and make a difference in their life. My best wishes to you and your show. Best regards, Rachel.