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Hi,Ellen, rachel Graham here, HGTV, ACS, the Cousins!!, Have sent a few e-amils about the wonderful things that have happened for our family because the American Cancer Society, HGTV and the Kitchen Cousins gave my son Aaron, who has Hodgkin's Lymphoma the chance to give back to his mom and dad, WE GOT A HOME MAKE-OVER in October!!! The episode won't air until May when ACS celebrates it's 100 year anniversay, but in essence, Aaron gave back to us and HE didn't get anything ( well , the reward of giving to us), but he is on Social Security disability and just moved into a house he is renting and doesn't have much. a beautiful 3 year old, he would like to have a great Christmas, don't know if HGTV would let you share "our" story, but... Also, Ann Raderman, director, of the Hope Lodge, a "family" house run by the ACS, made all of this possible for us, by suggesting OUR families name to HGTV and ACS, so she is MY HERO.. A selfless person who manages this beautiful mansion in Buffalo, NY, where we stayed when Aaron had his stem-cell transplant in March...Call me, We can chat.. great story, will make you feel better, even if you cna't do anything for Aaron or you and the GREAT things you do for people's lives, thanks for reading!! Rachel Graham