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Rachel DeFelice
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Rachel DeFelice
One Direction
153 days ago

Hi, my name is rachel and im 16 years old and my sister alissa is 12. We are one of the biggest one direction fans there are. Not stalkerish like... My dad makes fun of us for how much we listen to their music and how we can memorize every song lyric but not our History or Vocab words, lol. We have the worst luck ever, well when it comes to concert tickets and meet and greets, we have only been to one concert in our entire life. We never win any contests or any prizes on a TV show no matter how much we try. I actually tried getting my mom to do one for me since she was up at midnight when the contest started. One Direction is a band that makes my day better and better. I almost cried seeing all these videos of girls meeting them and how nice they are to their fans. All these fans do is wait outside of a venue and they instantly meet them. My mom would never let us stay out there. My one issue with liking one direction is that if i say anything about them at my school, i get judged. Apparently in highschool you only really fit in if you listen to Drake or Emminem. Not One Direction or Justin Bieber. So i hide the fact that i love listening to their music. I at least have one friend thats the same as me. Shes affraid of getting judged so we secretly text about their new songs coming out or if theirs ever a chance we can get their concert tickets. Weird right! I think you should have them on your show again because everyone knows how amazing and funny they are. <3 Rachel and Alissa