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Name rachel
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Hobbies gradening, compture games and reading
About Me i'm 37 mother of 2 work as a home health aide been married for 22 years have 2 dogs and a cat most of all i love my famliy and friends
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587 days ago

Ellen love your show. I know you don't know me but it's like you would understand me. i'm a 37 yr. old mother of 2. This will be the frist Christmas in 3 years my son will be home for christmas. And I know know you help some many people out because of your Big Heart. I was wondering if you could help me make this christmas a very special one for my kids. I work all the time just to make ends meat and never have enough for anything else. My husband can work because we only have one car and it's very hard. And I know you probaly get alot of these stories but mine is very true. if it wasn't for our good friend david we would be out on the streets he lets us make payments on our rent and i wish i could buy him a car for everything he's done for us I wish you could help me please
your friend rachel