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Quincy Wansel
Name Quincy Wansel
Location Indianapolis, Indiana
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Hobbies Reading day and night, writing lyrics just about everywhere and giving people and animals the happiness they need to get through they're tough times.
About Me Music is my second language. Music also led my friend and I to a great organisation called Were Ellen This Together inspired by Ellen for her heroic and loving doings and music for finding the happiness in people. Our group raises money for teens and kids who are overall going through a tough time. We raise money for concert tickets for them. We are hoping that it will ignite a flame of happiness in them to help them get through whatever they are getting through. But that's not all, since we're Ellen (all in) this together we do even more! We raise money for cures to Alzheimer's, cancer, all sorts of illnesses. We raise money and get supplies for animal and homeless shelters. We also visit old folks homes and hospitals. You name it! We hope to make this a big thing and overcome all these bad things in the world:)
Quincy Wansel
One Direction Talk Dating
619 days ago

I wonder if Harry's tattoo of the two birds represent Kevin? (Louis' Pigeon <3)