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Prue Barber
Name Prue Barber
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Hobbies Saving Bali Street Dogs
About Me I volunteer at BARC (Bali Dog Adoption Rehabilitation Centre). We have rescued and rehabilitated over 4000 Bali Street dogs and pups and re-homed many. BARC is strictly no kill with no local government or corporate funding and survive on donations from the animal loving community. ,We are building the 1st ever rescued animal sanctuary in Bali called Warrior's Legacy. It is home to over 150 adult dogs waiting for their fur-ever family or will live out their retirement with us. All have names, personalities and stories. They are ALL simply p-awesome!
Prue Barber
Dogs Are People, Too
280 days ago

We love all 300 of our Bali Rescued dogs and they, surprisingly, love us!
Thank you for sharing such an important message. Dogs really do share emotion! x