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Pierre Price
Name Pierre Price
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Hobbies I love working with video
About Me Hello ellen My name is Pierre not working now but I'm taking care of my mom and that is a all day thing.I use to work in radio (on air) so when your announcer go on vacation and you need someone let me know. I love working with video i would love someday go get a video camera and edit program.
Pierre Price
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585 days ago

Hello Ellen, I thought i had a lot to say but i can't get it out. i am not in the holiday spirit, i did not put up a tree,no lights,no music,no tv specials,i just can't get in it.

Pierre Price
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592 days ago

Good morning ellen I'm watching your show now and wondering why men don't win anything on your show??? by the way what is that noise? looking at best buy 12 days show. As for me not working have not worked in three years taking care of my mother who is not well she is in the hospital now (hope she will be home soon) I bet she is watching you now she loves your show. I know i will not get the 12 days but i would be happy with the apple-tv, and the big tv. don't know why i don't have much time for myself but i love tv. ok ellen hove to go see my mother now. PS maybe you can give me 28hours in a day.