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Pier Angela Parker
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Pier Angela Parker
Adoptable Pets of the Week
415 days ago

Wish I could adopt one. My teens are grown and would keep me company. They are precious! <3 XO =)

Pier Angela Parker
Gru Scares Tony
418 days ago

Hilarious! =) Ellen, Tony, Gru, ( Steve Carell ) so much fun! =) <3 XO THANKS!

Pier Angela Parker
A Day in Ellen's Photos, Featuring Ludacris!
421 days ago

Nice Abs! Looking AWESOME! My Son has a six pack just like that! He works out everyday and has played hockey for 14 years.

Pier Angela Parker
The Best of Classic Joke Wednesday
421 days ago

What's big, bright, and silly? A fool moon. =)

Pier Angela Parker
Tornado Victim Finds Her Dog
428 days ago

I am so happy the news reporter heard the dog and was their to help the lady. My heart is breaking. <3 I feel bad for everyone. The dog look so much like Toto from Wizard of Oz. So happy he is alive and the lady is ok. Wish Ellen could have them on the show. <3

Pier Angela Parker
Message from Ellen
429 days ago

Thanks 4 the laughs Ellen!

Congratulations to Portia! So happy for Portia!

Cannot wait until 3PM everyday!


Pier Angela Parker
Cat of the Cupboard
435 days ago

Great Pic! =)

Pier Angela Parker
Vince Vaughn Gets Pranked
450 days ago

HILARIOUS ELLEN! Amy is so good 2! Vince was so funny how you just went with the flow. =) Made my day! =)))))))

Pier Angela Parker
Howie Mandel Won't Sit Down
501 days ago

Love Howie Mandell so much! Wish I could have been there today. Maybe one day I could meet U Ellen & Howie. On my bucket list & wish list.

Pier Angela Parker
Jude Law, Blind Pilot
549 days ago

Happy 55TH Birthday Ellen!!!!!

Happy Birthday 2 U!!!! Happy Birthday 2 U!!!! Happy Birthday dear Ellen!!!
Happy Birthday 2 U!!!!!! and Many more Birthdays 2 U!!!


Pier Angela Parker
Ellen's Got Birthday Gifts!
552 days ago

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLEN! MANY MORE BIRTHDAYS 2 U! I know it's Early B-day wish but, want 2 b one of the first! Huge Fan! Thanks 4 the laughs! =) Love U! Have a wonderful day! <3

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