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Phyllis Crenshaw
Name Phyllis Crenshaw
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Hobbies Watch the Ellen Show Daily. Love caring for babies and little people, sewing sometimes reading, watching movies.
About Me Hi, I am Phyllis Crenshaw of Fort Worth< texas. I am a mother of two adult sons. I lost my oldest in 1997. It seems like yesterday, I have come a long way as far as getting over his murder. I never thought I could go on but with the blessing receive daily, I am starting to enjoy life again. I just want you to know Ellen, with people like you, life is worth living. I think your show is great. It is so much fun. I am a little disable, but I am not through living. I have written you several times to ask you if there was something I could do to earn some of those gifts you give away. I have owned a car but now I don't have one. I worked for the school district for over thirteen years, I have been a certified Paralegal, and always willing to babysit anybody's child. I have knee replacement surgery and I am not one of those instant healer. I am still healing from the surgery, and I have developed scar tissue. There is another procedure to correct that but I am not ready for more surgery. I am an only girl, I have two brothers, Don Crenshaw who played Jonnie Taylor until he died. If you don't know who Johnnie Taylor, ask your DJ. but I bet you know, and David Crenshaw my baby brother. I have two cousins Winnie and Shirley. They are the greatest. They have been there for since I was born. They now check on me almost daily. They know how much I love your show. I said to them what if some kind a way we got on the Ellen show. They are from Hallsville, Texas. There is only one red light you go through and then you are out of Hallsville. Shirley, the oldest of the three of use said " OMG I could just see us on her show and everybody would see us, well we laughed. They love your show and we do a conference call sometimes when you are on and watch you. We have the best fun. There is nothing greater than seeing how wonderful when you help others. They told me to see if you would let me come and do somekind of work behind stage to earn a car. They are so happy that I am now working 18 hours a week. It is a senior citizens training program that helps get better aged people get back into the working world. I want to go back to the school district subbing as a secretary, clerk, teachers. Maybe soon go back full time permanent but I have to be able to get around to the different locations. I have a son in Oakland,CA. I would be willing to come and assist you with anything backstage except heavy lifting. I know where you are located so I might have to commute at first. I do get an SSI check. OK, I haven't figured out everything yet but if you say come I will be there. I do just wonder, why is it your audience gets all those gifts just for being there, but the viewing audience gets to register to win. I might be wrong but I thought if we watch you, you get the rating and we help you stay on TV. Well if I never get to meet you or come work for you, please know that you have put so much joy in my life because you help others. I am so proud of you. You are a great person, in fact you are definitely an ANGEL FROM HEAVEN, because you show everyday how much you appreciate your blessing. I love you for loving others. I know you love me even though you don't know me. Well it is probably about 2:30am. I know I need to be in bed but this page was up so I thought I would respond. I could go on and on about you, but I won't. Well, if you think of anything, just let me know. Just continue to be the angel you are. GOD LOVES YOU AND SO DO I. Sincerely, Phyllis Crenshaw, P.S. I have two great son's. My youngest lives with me and sometimes when he sees me maybe sad or crying, he says, "Sop that crying it's almost time for Ellen, she will make you laugh, turn to that station.
Phyllis Crenshaw
Message from Ellen
107 days ago

Ms. Ellen, Ms. Ellen,Ms. Ellen:
I am writing to see what myself and my brother can do to cheer my mother up. She would give the world if she had it, to meet you. She is now a little crippled but she still tries to make it. She is sixty years young. She has raised us, worked two eight hour jobs, kept us fed, clothed, always in a nice and safe place to live. Now she is having a hard time getting a job because of her age it is extremely hard. Though they say there is no age discrimination there is. When they see her gray hair they no longer have an opening. She wants to go back to the school district to sub as an administrative secretary or teachers aid, but she has no car to go to the various locations. She says if she could just meet you she would relocate to work for you either at your studio or be your personal helper.

Ms. Ellen if there is any way she could meet you for mothers day that would be the ultimate Mothers Day Gift. I have a one month old baby girl. When I wanted to relocate I had to send my girlfriend ahead of me to get established with a doctor. At the end my mother made sure that she got my girlfriend to the hospital even though Harris Methodist Southwest sent her home five times even though she was having contractions. I just wish myself and my brother could do something special for her.

You are the most special thing I can think of. A life long memory of. She loves yoiu.

We are thanking you in advance for your consideration.
Bret and Brandon
The son's of Phyllis Crenshaw your favorite fan.

Phyllis Crenshaw
Day 3 of 12 Days, Jake Gyllenhaal
224 days ago

Hi Ellen, it's me again. Phyllis Crenshaw. I am wondering why your viewing audience has to register to win some of your gifts, but your studio audience gets them because they are there. I thought by watching your show you get ratings. Each day I watch your show or record it. I call me 91 year old dad to watch you sometimes he gets mad because he wants to know what he is going to win. I do the same with my 83 year old mother, she wants to know it you have called your name or mine. I call my cousins to tell them to watch. I call my 98 year old uncle to watch I think he does. The bottom line is I simply love your show. I have more fun that hour than I do the whole week. I wish I could win something from you or even work for you long enough to earn a car. I am a little disable but I am in this training program to get back in the work force. I don't have definite transportation, but I try to get there each week borrowing rides. I could advertise or make sure your ratings go up by going through the phone book here in Fort Worth, Texas to make sure you get the ratings. I wish I could do something to help you so maybe you could help me get a car.

Well, if I can't and you can't help me I still love you with all my heart. As long as I am able I will watch your show. I love you for loving others. I thank God that you are here in this world be bring the joy that you bring to others. You are truly blessed.

I'll talk to you soon. Love from your secret and favorite friend.

Phyllis Crenshaw
Fort Worth, Texas

PS. If you get bored. Call me 817 346-0457