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Phyllis C
Name Phyllis C
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Hobbies Singing, Laughing, Movies, Spending time with my 3 kids and husband and spending an hour a day five days a week with you Ellen.
About Me I've been declared disabled with fibromyalgia, major depression disorder, Panic Disorder, Sleep apnea, degenerative cervical and lumbar. Spine and chronic fatigue. Left my job February 13, 2012 and have been fighting for disability. Husband Bob works 100% commission and barely making ends meet.We have great kids who do understand the circumstances we are in but I do feel guilty about not having Christmas gifts this year. Its. Weird even my five year old nephew. Who has been with us since April seems to understand. ELLEN your. Show is the only show I watch that I I really enjoy in these times and I thank God for the joy, Laughter and peace for that other than the peace God give me. MERRY CHRISTMAS. YOU HAVE MANY BLESSINGS COMING YOUR WAY. GOD BLESS YOU.
Phyllis C
Weekly Tweetly Roundup: Education in America
569 days ago

Love your show Generous Degeneres Ellen!, you are such an inspiration to us all. Blessings for a more prosperous year 2013 to you, your family and the whole "Ellen" Team

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