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Phyllis Byrne
Name Phyllis Byrne
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About Me My career was helping and taking care of teenagers. I still like to be around then and help them when I can.
Phyllis Byrne
Ethan Hawke, Lady Antebellum
274 days ago

Hello,I made sure I got home in time to see your show. I like to watch it live. Today is my birthday, my sister's took me out to lunch. The little boy that needs a new heart that loves you so much. I heard his Mother say she had an appointment Nov 4. Good luck to her and she and the little boy are in my prayers. Love your show.

Phyllis Byrne

Phyllis Byrne
Clint Eastwood, Carly Rae Jepsen and Justin Bieber's mom, Pattie Mallette
371 days ago

Dear Ellen and Portia,
I am real sorry about the loss of your horse Archie. I saw it was hard for you to speak on the show today. The love that you have. The love will be replaced with another horse. I am sending you a special card. I am also sending both of you my blessing and hope that you will have peace that Archie is OK.

Phyllis Byrne