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About Me I have been a nurse for 39 years and am soon to retire. I have been married for 27 years to a firefighter who is also soon to retire. looking forward to living life without jobs!
Ray Romano, Aldrich Talonding
315 days ago

Although I was very touched by the performance of the Filipino cousins today, I felt that the older cousin was somewhat slighted onstage when the gift giving began. All of the gifts and the 10000 dollars was given to the young man who sang, but why even bring the older cousin to the U.S. if he was not also going to be recognized on the show for his talents? I love the Ellen show, but I feel that you guys dropped the ball on this one. I was almost embarrassed for the older cousin because he was basically ignored both for his performance and in gift giving. I did hear Ellen tell him, "we have something for you too". Why werent the gifts presented at the same time? Although I know for sure that it wasn't intended, I really felt sorry for this kid for how he was treated.