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I am sure that you will never see this but I have hope that just maybe you will. I hate asking for help but I feel I have no other choice, after a back surgery that left me unable to work full time in 2011, my wife and i relocated with our two disabled children, it seems we make to much for this program or that one but never enough to make ends meet, we have a house that is falling apart around us but is held together by our love, 2012 has been a hard hard year, car wreck, financial and marriage stress ect, if i was to win anything for Christmas i would like it to be medication expenses, and money to cover psychiatrist trips ect for son who is 5, and the money for supplies to fix up the house i can do the work, just never have enough money to get ahead to buy materials and equipment to do it, I am sure there are others worse off than we are but its hard to tell our kids that Santa has had a bad year because of the economy and the elves are thinking about girl tells me that she is fine with one gift under the tree becasue that is not why we celebrate christmas however she is right but it would be nice to at least be able to get them Christmas without sacrificing the money for gas to get to work, or the water bill, or food to do it, we are not extravagant spenders but all the red tape and bureaucracies make it hard for those who truly need help vs those who have taken advantage of the system with hope for anything you can do to help we would be so grateful, and if nothing else please join us as we cant give anything for Christmas but our time so we are organizing a Christmas caroling event in our community maybe you could join us in putting a smile on someone Else's face,
thank you phillip r yo***