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About Me I'm wife with 3 children 1 adult child and 1 granddaughter and a nephew and I'm stay home mom who take care of everything.
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*Hi Ellen my name is Penny and I am writing about my family. My mother have cancer and it spread all through her body. The doctor said its nothing they can do but to leave it in god hands. I live in North Carolina and my family are in Washington DC. I been going back and forth to take care of her with my sister. She just got out the hospital last week and she cant stay in her home now so she is living with my sister now , it is getting close to her time and I just want my hold family to spend time with her for Christmas but my mini van is starting to act up and we don't have enough money to go to DC. I just brought my nephew home with me he lost his mother in October and his sister and brother are in DC to so it will make our wish come true.We just want to be with our family. Thank you Ellen