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Ellen's Playlist: December 6, 2013
227 days ago

The interview with Kelly Clarkson was hysterical. I have a friend in Georgia named Paulette. I pulled the chair out from underneath her when we were 8 and we have been friends ever since. Yes I did go to the principle! It was like watching her and I, yes I am like Kelly, she never gets a word in. Your face was priceless, just like Paulette's. For the first time I can see the plight of my friend, we have been friends over 50 years and it took Kelly to make me see. Thank you Ellen. By the way it was tooo funny.

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444 days ago

I just wanted to thank you so much for your program. I tape them all and you make me laugh even if life is bleak. I can not tell you how even if I am in the dumps, I watch you dance and tell jokes and I am ok again. I didn't know I could still laugh until I cried until I started watching your show. When you say I give it back to you to the audience I feel its me too.
Again thanks so much.