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Penny Conley
Name Penny Conley
Location Glendale, Az
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Hobbies Watching TV, caring for the elderly, making new friends.
About Me I raised two sons. very hard. My youngest is 39. My oldest son died in 2006. My 39 year old, Chad, moved to Phoenix in March of 2012. I followed in Aug, 2012. He is the only family I have, and I missed him dearly. Plus, Im closer to you in Ca.! We are coming to your show, I hope, in Jan 2014. I'm a hard worker retired to take care of my 1st son, Jerry, he was head injured for 20 years before being hit by a hit and run dirver which took in life in 2006. Now I do what I can and what I like! I wish I could take and give my son more of what he needs, I'm just not able at this point. I love your show. I WANT TO WORK FOR YOU!!! I could do most anything you would need done. I'm so envouse of everyone who works for you. They have so much fun! Everyone has fun! Thats what I want to do for the rest of my life! I'm still young enough to enjoy all you do, with you! Please find a place for me . . .Im not real good at any one activity, limiting my ability. I think if you "know a little about a lot of things, you will be able to keep a conversation with many. As knowing "a lot about only one thing, your limited to your conversation with whomever." Just my theory. So I know a lot of "little" things! I sometimes go the the clubhouse where I live now and watch your show while visiting with others in my neighbor hood. Hopefully I can start an 'Ellen Club'. I hate to laugh only to myself. I swear, not really, I laugh out loud my neighbors next to me can hear and wonder whats going on! Love you, your show, and those who work with you! Wonderful. Oh by the way, my son who died in 2006 was head injured. Had the mind of a 10 year old when he passed. My group of people who worked with me and knew Jerry for over 30 years, we were always looking for good "Jerry" jokes. Your Tues jokes would have been great almost 7 years ago. Keep it coming. Sometime, knowing I like to share, I tell my friends and they all know, those are "Jerry Jokes" Love them. Keep up the good work. I don't miss not even one of your shows. Love you. Penny
Penny Conley
A Day in Ellen's Photos, Featuring Sophia Grace & Rosie!
508 days ago

Just a comment: I didn't like your hair parted on the right side, but you did bring that up. I love it when you have Sofia Grace and Roise on. They are adorable! You have made them superstars! Rosie is breaking out of her shell! lol When Sofia Grace gives her a chance! lol
About your underware model! Love, love, love him. You couldn't have picked a better role model! A veteran, purple heart, and a new daddy, how adorable! But what is it with that half a chain on his neck? It looks so fack! It's odd looking, and I really don't like it! Sort of like your parting your hair on the right side . . . What do you think?

Penny Conley
Get Your Ellen Mints!
615 days ago

I want your Ellen mints, in your cute little tennis shoe! How much are they and are we limited to how many we can get? Cute, cute idea! I love it!