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Peggy Vader-Armstrong
Name Peggy Vader-Armstrong
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Hobbies Crafts, bowling, coached my two boys in beginners tennis, then Spring and Fall for 3 years, now on High School Varsity team! Having fun, Hallloween, and decorating outside of house for Christmas!
About Me Woe is me, where to start. Divorcing after being married for 17 years, together for 23, have two awesome teenage sons, Hank Aryn Armstrong (After Hank Aaron) almost 15, Alexander Jackson Lee Armstrong (wasn't sure if I could get pregnant again) will be 17 in Feb. Unable to work due to lifting a dishwasher with my husband 3 years ago, recently fell and the result was an impacted radial head fracture of the left elbow, (it was at a Safeway gas station). They refuse to accept responsibility for any of the Medi-Cal bills. I have always been able to work 2 jobs, before I married and Ellen, you sure pick me up. I love your shows, I record them and watch them when I'm down, you are AWESOME! I'd love to meet you one day. My left elbow is still healing, but the whole arm is sore. The back, I had just had an epidural two days before my slip at Safeway. 17 years of severe emotional and mental abuse landed me in the ER 3 times in the last year, uncontrolably throwing up. So I have to listen to my insides now and asked for a divorce 2 1/2 years ago. We lost our house we built, tried to save it thru refi-, etc..It was beautiful, we had over $450,000 in to it, also lost a 2nd trust deed on 160 acres, with a house $375,000.. I know that's probably part of where the anger was coming from for my husband. But I would tell my two boys what dad is doing by hollering at me is wrong. People who are in love do not treat each other like that. He will call and try to apologize but I will tell him "No". If you can holler at me in front of the boys, you can sure as heck apologize in front of them, they need to know what is the right way to treat your loved ones, or spouse. They've never even been spanked! I would always sit down with them and have discussions, re: why did you do that?, you should've done this, etc...They are my life! I am still trying to collect disability and was denied once already. Being self employed doing my husbands books for the last 21 years, has its ups and downs. But I keep my head up, (crying right now though, just for putting this in a note, shake it off!, k), smile at everyone I meet. My son asked me, "Mom, how can you always stay so upbeat, with everything you've been through?". My father also sexually abused me when I was in elementary school, I had "NO ONE" to turn to. He was a good old boy, Immigration Officer in Nogales,AZ. Two Custom's Officer's across the street, a judge two doors down, a Highway Patrolman at the end of the block, no one would believe me. Even my mom didn't when I told her at age 18. She asked my 3 brothers where was I when we all got home after school. So I was right, I couldn't even tell my own mother back then, my dad would take our family pets out and shoot them when they got sick. It would cost too much to take them to the vet? So I looked over my shoulder till I was 32 when I asked him to meet me at a Denny's before my cousins wedding. My mom was by my side, my step-father was on the outside of the booth where my dad was. He shed a tear, but never said "I'm sorry"???. Ok, enough, but oh did it feel good to get that off my chest, "Why did you do that to me, do you know how it affected my life...?". So my oldest son I try to tell him about his temper, hollering while playing his X-BOX!.... :) He's a work in progress, but I have long talks with both of my boys and want to let them know, especially Alex, you're not going to make it at a job if you roll your eyes when you get mad, turn your head away, etc..I am just "One big kid, still going through my 1st childhood, mainly I think because I don't remember all of my first one". I learned that from my counselor, before confronting my dad, kids brains can only handle so much, then block out even the good times. I sure as heck don't remember my 3 brother's hanging me up on the clothesline, just because they saw it in a Western Movie! Oh how they laugh about that one! They obviously let me down, I'm here today. I try to keep loving life, laugh as much as possible, strike up a conversation with unknowns, help those that need help, even during their last days before passing away. I love you Ellen and your staff, shorts and all! Your dancing is awesome! Your humor and your glow in your eyes, has that twinkle of mischief just like mine, you're a big kid also. Scaring the crap out of people, like me as well. You are a ray of light to many people, and I just wanted you to know. XOXO-to your show and your 10years, may you have another 20, just don't throw your hip out dancing up the stairs!
Peggy Vader-Armstrong
Howie Mandel on Underwear
587 days ago

Love that Howie & You! Awesome cape you gave him and how awesome is that teacher, his class with all those bicycles and your contribution to the whole school! Love you Ellen, you do inspire others. You have no idea, well probably some idea, they tell you all the time. The person that just keeps on giving and giving and giving. XO