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Peggy Olson
Name Peggy Olson
Location Newark, CA
Age 55
Joined 664 days ago
Hobbies Baseball, football, watching Ellen and playing with my dog Alvin.
About Me Im a 53 year old woman trying to servive. I've been sick since 11 and getting worse. I raised 2 beautiful girls. I have a grandson,whom I see once a year. I didn't make this year. due to illness. Zaine came to see me for New Years his aunt Christinas birthday. We had a good time. I miss him so much.
Peggy Olson
Mark Wahlberg for the Patriots
556 days ago

Kids are so amazing. They're innocent and if taught right love everyone and everthing. I want to sign the petition about the shark fin. When I worked I sent money to the ASPCA. I miss the postcards of the dogs and cats. I hope he gets all he's asking for kitty city. I enjoy watching your show so much. It definitely cheers you up when youre down. I had a bad days since Tuesday. Sent my dog for a bath and trim. She butchered him and he was upset when he got home. I cried for two days. Except while watching show. Im feeling better now but it put me in shock when I saw him. Thanks for being the person you are, it helps so many people. We love you.

Peggy Olson
Message from Ellen
574 days ago

I hope you can get Mark Harman or Michael Weveraly from NCIS. That is my second favorite show. Of course you're my first. Happy New Year.

Peggy Olson
A Day in Ellen's Photos, Featuring a 14-Year-Old Hero!
618 days ago

OMG Ellen,You are a god sent to us.You made me cry again. That was such a wonderful act of humanity. I keep watching for that reason alone. Everyone is hurting in one way or another. When we watch you we laugh and our spirits are lifted. Your pranks all in fun. You remind me when I was younger. I even put a tact and one of the nuns. Never got caught.I've been watching since almost when you started. I always land hospital during your give aways during holidays and my nurses would ask me what was wrong. What's your pain level from 1 to 10 and I would smile and say I was watching Ellen.Can't wait for monday.

Peggy Olson
You Write, Ellen Responds!
618 days ago

Hi Ellen, I am computer illiterate and I guess everyone is nice and honest. So I signed up for survey. Well they are scams. Everyone and their mother calling and leaving emails. I went to one last week and read thru it and it was a 1000 dollars at walmart. All I had to was sign up for two things no more than $40.So I did i and it did me right in my butt. I was all excited I was gonna get my grandson a drum set. He's only 18 months. He would drive his mommy nut. I just wanted to give her a taste of her own medicine. Haha It sounded good for awhile. Thank you for listening

Peggy Olson
Message From Ellen
664 days ago

Hi Ellen, Great work you do for humanity. Keep up the good work. I would like to enter my friend for the car. Her name is Wilma Auglair. She is a good friend who helps me all the time. She takes me r
to most of my doctors appointments.Her email is
Her car is on it's last leg. I would like to help her but unable, so I thought I could at least try to help by putting her name in. thank yoou Ellen, your great. love ya.

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