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Peggy L Miller
Name Peggy L Miller
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Hobbies volunteering for Three Rivers Park District and the County Sheriff on horseback, fishing, handicrafts, biking, Osseo Book Club, driving my Honda Fit, flickr
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Peggy L Miller
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602 days ago

Hi ellen
I acted upon your offer to see if any of my old PowerBall tickets matched your lottery number picks from the Nov 28 show. I have 13 tickets that match the PowerBall, 6 of which match the PowerBall and another number, and 1 that matches the PowerBall and 2 other numbers. That's about how it goes when I play PowerBall. I watch your show when I get the chance and my chances were good yesterday!
Thanks for being who you are,
from a smiling face,
Peggy L Miller
Maple Grove MN