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peggy gatlin
Name peggy gatlin
Location bells, texas
Age 70
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About Me I'm the grandmother of three, great grandmother of too many to count. I,m deaf in one ear and can't hear out the other. I almost won a car once and did a commercial for alma seltzer that didn't air. My sister says I'm all ways the bridesmaid never the bride but that isn't true I'm on my third husband.
peggy gatlin
Ellen's Astounding Assortment of Web Videos
219 days ago

Awesome..I would have said no one could sound exactly like the King.listening to him sing and closing my eyes took me back in time...Love him.

peggy gatlin
Win Day 9 of 12 Days!
225 days ago

Will commenting help out win?

peggy gatlin
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226 days ago

I watch your show every day. My husband has been a fan of yours for years since before Ellen show when you were a stand up comedian. I,'ve been shut in for weeks with the shingles, would love today's gift sure could use a trip to Vegas.. Keep up the good work.