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Peggy Garoutte
Name Peggy Garoutte
Location Anchorage, AK
Age 58
Joined 594 days ago
Hobbies I ski, fly, stained glass, have pets and now I am crocheting forever lei;s in hawaii
About Me I was raised on a farm in Wisconsin with 7 sisters and 2 brothers..I was number 5..had the most wonderful childhood..moved to Alaska in 1980..lost a sister to cancer last year, and was diagnosed in July with Stage IV lung and liver cancer..I am doing ok but it was a hard journey until now..I needed warmer weather to help warm my sweet husband sent me here to Hawaii for a spiritual healing..heck just to get out of the awful cold weather we have now in Alaska. I will travel to Wisconsin in January to celebrate our christmas together with family there..Cancer sucks but the family is a wonderful healing factor..the gift of being together is all I need right you Ellen you make my life so much better with all of the fun and laughter..
Peggy Garoutte
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594 days ago

HI Ellen,
I watch your show every I am watching from Hawaii..where my husband sent me after a great doctors report regarding my stage IV terminal cancer..feeling crappy but the sun feels great..This place is much better than Alaska where we are from..-30 below there..If my husband doesn't fly here to get me I may never go back to Alaska!!!
No matter where I am you will be tuned a faithful fan Peggy Sue