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peggy alvarez
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About Me just a person that want the best for my kids
peggy alvarez
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582 days ago

hello ellen my name is peggy alvarez and am trying to see if you can plzzzz Help me out this Christmas as you konw that it hard for everyone this year.I lost my job 2 year ago and was getting help from employment wish its not much.We have to sell things at home to pay the rest of rent and bills its been really hard for us.Now that christmas is just round the corner is very hard to find a job out here. I have 5 teenagers and two gramd kids Ellen i see your show and see what you do for many people like me plzzzz can you help me I will work for any help you can help me out with plzzzz I just want to be able to see my kids open a gift on Christmas if you can, I know you have lots of poeple asking you for help just want to said thanks for taking time to read my lettler.....I hope you can HELP thanks again.