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Pearl Crowchild
Name Pearl Crowchild
Location Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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Hobbies running, movies.
About Me Right now I training for my 12 marathon in Sacramento, CA. I raised my son on my own and he's now married with 2 children. I adore my grandchildren and spend as much time as I can with them. My fulltime job and marathon training keep me very busy so I cherish each and every visit with them. They spend alot of time with me.
Pearl Crowchild
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622 days ago

HI Ellen, I love your show and I PVR it everyday so I can watch it at the end of the day while skipping through the commercials. You make everyday`s life`s stresses, struggles and sometimes drama seem just less eventful because I can laugh with you and your fans. I have a grown son who recently got married and two young grandchildren (boy and girl) who are a handful. In between my fulltime job, marathon training and my grandchildren, I am very busy. Most of our office are Twilight Fans (of course all women). Yeah, imagine me, a grandmother or two and I`m standing in line to purchase tickets to the Twilight Marathon movie showing and planning to sneak away from work on that morning. I can understand all the young female fans and mothers, but I`m a grandmother. I`ve have always had an obsession to vampires, and well, that Edward is just so adorable. So when my boss is looking for me, I`ll be at the movies. Thank you Ellen, and I hope you continue to bring enjoyment and laughter to all you fans, young and old. Pearl