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Pawel Deka
Name Pawel Deka
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Hobbies Volleyball, science, Grisham's novels, poetry.
About Me Ellen, you're the best teacher I' ve ever had. If it hadn't been for you, I wouldn't have passed all my English exams. I love your show, your vocabulary and sense of humour. Please send me some ticket to USA and invitation to your show. Love.
Pawel Deka
Michael J. Fox, Max Greenfield
181 days ago Ellen Happy Birthday to you!!! 'I wish you ....' check it out, girl. It was a huge sensation when our X - Factor star, Michal Szpak posted the video. Hope you folks gonna enjoy it! Oh, btw can you please send me one of your cell phones which were given on Thursday :) ? Hugs from freezin'-breezy Poland to you, Little CoverGirl. Good luck during the AA Gala!!! Keep my finger crossed. Can't wait to see you there.