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Paula Musette Bagwell
Name Paula Musette Bagwell
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Hobbies Creating art for people Walking, swimming Helping animals and people Playing guitar, writing songs and poetry Looking for strange stuff to photograph Reading aloud to children! PowerPoint Art
About Me I will have to get back on that! It's complicated; I am a pragmatic creative who loves people, animals, great t.v. and advertising. I have two grown children, who lost their Dad in 1994. It hasn't been easy, but with lots of love, they are awesome, thoughtful adults. My 21 month old grandson, Barrett is quite naturally, the most beautiful, creative, smartest grand-baby ever!!! My dog is King Asa, a sometime, "Shit-zsu". My Facebook pages are: Lani ko Honua Berry Farm (made for a friend) MY page is Paula Musette Creative; Eklektically Speaking (yep, changed the spelling)Art for doing Good. THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME KEEP MY OPTIMISM THRU 10 YEARS OF underemployment!! Have a GREAT Birthday, everyday!
Paula Musette Bagwell
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532 days ago

Lab says, "OHHH< I'm tellin'! I saw you chew the undies!"
Papillon says, "Are they coming? I kinda got carried away with play!
I'll tell them you did it!! If you tell on me!"

Paula Musette Bagwell
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543 days ago

At Thanksgiving I met this 3,000 lb. BRAHMA Bull. His name is Firecracker. SO gentle, but for the Blue Heeler who rounds them up. So, thinking of camels I asked, "What IS in the hump?" "Meat", was the answer. I thought, "Duh, Paula". Firecracker is a champion, so he's . retired (but for girls). His offspring aren't so fortunate. He's a Vegan!
Having a number of food allergies, (soy & peanuts, beef, loletc) I do not know how to. Gotta go, An
droid problems!begin in the protein dept.