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Paula Linthorne
Name Paula Linthorne
Location Bay Roberts, 7 Sawdust Rdl, P.O. Box 168, Newfoundland & Labraodr
Age 52
Joined 574 days ago
Hobbies Watching "The Ellen Degeneres Show", every day, listening & watching music videos, trying to keep active, at least up upper body, my left leg HURTS me,weight lifting, sat down, watching a good movie, and reading.
About Me I am female, 50 years old. I left my husband of almost 30 years, this June past, could not take any more, I am just sorry I did not do it 20 years ago. I am renting a one bedroom apartment by myself, I do not have much contact with the outside world, but I do have a couple of DEAR FRIENDS that I talk to and they visit me, or bring me to their house. I try to help others as much as possible. When I was in the Women's Shelter, I would help the ladies with their chores plus mine (we were not allowed to do that), but I wanted to help them whenever they needed it, talked to whomever wanted to get their frustrations out and I would even go to the store for them if they couldn't go. My leg was okay then. I also did a lot of walking just to get some fresh air and activity in and most of the time, 1 or 2 of the women wanted to come with me, so along they came! I was only too glad that they were happy to have someone to walk & talk with. I still to this very day, put myself last. My phy. tells me it is about time I started to think of myself, and not worry about anyone else. It is hard, but I got to try! But if someone called and they needed, off I went to walk where ever they wanted me to walk. I would give my last dime if anyone needed it, I can not help it, but that is the way I am.