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Paula Camacho
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Hi Ellen My sisters & I are huge fans of yours! We love everything you do & how you are always helping people :). I'm not sure you can even help us but I thought I'd write to you anyways to tell you how amazing you are!! My sister Sandra is such an amazing person & she is always doing things for others, like charity work for Sick Kids Hospital which I am not sure if you have heard of but it is one of the greatest children's hospitals in the world!! When she was little about 22 yrs ago she had to have a kidney transplant & my mom gave her her kidney, which was amazing & now sadly 22 yrs later she needs another kidney transplant & come around June this year she is going to have another's transplant & my youngest sister Angela is going to donate her kidney!! My family is amazing so loving & caring like you. I just wanted to see if it would be possible to fly the 3 of us to your show to see a taping? That would mean the world to my sisters & me!!!
We would love to come on our own but times are tough & she is struggling with finances because of all the medication & she is having to save up for when she has her surgery so she couldn't afford to come. I just hoped that I could reach out and maybe I could do something nice for her before she has her surgery again. Please help me surprise her with a trip to your show that would make her so happy!!! We would love to also come & buy your new Onsies lol we do yearly family photos in Onsies!