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Paul Lista
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About Me I'm 64 yr old male. Been with same partner for 19 years, but living in AL not a showball chance in hell we'll ever be able to marry. I'm on my second round of lung cancer, first time they took out upper two lobes of right lung. 5 years in remission and last year it came back. I chose not to accept chemo and am eating a lot of lemon, so last two scans show no growth. I will be really happy if next scan shows shrinkage to prove to the Dr. that lemons are better than chemo. We currently have three rescue dogs and one rescue cat. Don't want any more in case I die and have to leave them behind. Now that I don't work I am home every day at 4:00 to watch your show. I lovve when you lose it, you crack up and so do I. I also love watching you help people in need, you look happier giving than they do receiving. Just wish there were more people like you, the world would be so much better. Keep up the good work, you always make my day. Thanks for all you do.
Paul Lista
Julie Bowen, Tsung Tsung Lee, and Twilight Week!
583 days ago

Your is my favorite program. If I miss any show, yours is the last one I'll give up. I don't answer the phone between 4 and 5, that's when you're on here. I stop what I'm doing and sit in "my spot" on the sofa. I get the hand towel out and turn on the TV and when I start that rooutine one ofmy three rescues, a 70 lb chocolate lab mix goes in the toy basket, pulls out just the right toy, and climbs up on my lap and chews the toy until he dozes off, usually about 10 minutes into the show. The other two climb up behind him and #2 rests her chin on his rump, and #3 does the same with #2's rump. Everyone sleeps like that until you show is over and I get up. We all enjoy your show, each in our own special way. Thank you for all you do, the good things you do, the people you make happy, and the laughs - even the ones at Tony's expense. Thank You. Paul Lista

Paul Lista
Message From Ellen
656 days ago


The following is a cut & paste from regarding a stage 4 cancer patient and her husband, a retire Marine. Wells Fargo is foreclosing on their home without offering any help, rewriting the loan, postponing payments or waiving added on fees. This is a mobile home that will not appreciate over the years, and will more than likely sit vacant and fall into decay while this stage 4 cancer patient and her husband go homeless. The petition starts here:

Cindi Davis is a close friend of mine, and has been for five years. She is one of the most generous people I know, having taken in seven special needs pets over the years. Pretty amazing for someone who is also fighting late stage breast cancer.

My friend Cindi and her husband Kirk have struggled to cover the cost of her cancer treatment and keep up with their mortgage over the years. But when they could no longer make full mortgage payments, Wells Fargo moved foreclosed on their home instead of working with them to adjust their loan.

I've heard of other homeowners successfully saving their homes from foreclosure by starting petitions -- and now I've started my own to help Cindi. Click here to sign my petition asking Wells Fargo to stop the foreclosure of Cindi and Kirk's home.

Cindi and her husband work hard to pay for their mortgage and medical treatments. Together with Cindi and Kirk and many of our friends, we've all chipped in to help cover their bills, treatments, and medications. Cindi's sold some of her quilting work, and friends and neighbors have chipped in by organizing yard sales, raffles, and even selling candy bars.

Cindi says she explained her situation to Wells Fargo, and a bank representative said they would consider a solution -- but the next she heard from the bank was a foreclosure notice. Wells Fargo has even refused to accept partial payments, and they've added fees and more penalties. They don't know how to keep up.

Petition ends here. I don't know these people, but apparently they have a lot of friends who want to help, but times are tough all over. If you could do anything to help them I'm sure they would really be grateful. They will be homeless soon, as best I can tell from the responses to the petition. Those are on, after the petition. Please do what you can, it sounds like they deserve whatever help they can get. Thank you. Paul Lista