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paul gibble
Name paul gibble
Location austin, texas
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Hobbies watching ellen, camping, cooking, enjoying life with my beautiful wife
About Me Just had open heart surgery in may now going back in because my sterm is not healing well. But you ellen have always been a big part of my life no matter with is going on in my life I know 1 hour a day I get YOU. You ask where to send your girl to a hunted house well let me tell you I live in Austin tx and this hunted house that has been known nation wide and people come from all around to see this place year after year so look it up and enjoy Love you ellen and keep the laughter coming!!!!!!!!!!!
paul gibble
Head Rest
288 days ago

like I've said you make my day, I told you about my surgery coming up on the 22nd of this month, I am a bundle of nerves the last time they did the open heart surgery in may my heart stopped. So that is why I am not liking this at all. When I can afford it and feeling better I would love to come see you in person. I got my wife hooked on you as well and would love to see you when you have your 21 days of Christmas, I told her that might be imposible we would never have that kind of money be some times dreams do come true. ty for listening to me rumble on God Bless and have a great week looking forward to watching you.