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Paul Garcia
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About Me I enjoy to work on improving the lives of others in whatever it is they or we are doing together. Help individuals develop the skills they need to be successful. Know that when I leave this world I did my part to make it a better place for those whose paths I crossed and I leave behind.
Paul Garcia
Jack Black Gets Scared by a Raccoon
293 days ago

Good Morning!

My name is Paul Garcia and my wife and I would like to share some some videos of our daughter Sophia (9yrs old) with you. She is comical, talented and full of energy. We’ve been told that we should get her in entertainment. What do you think of these videos and her character? She is definitely that, a character.

Youth Cheerleader Stands Her Ground! (
In Bakersfield, Ca ~ Western Talons Cheerleader is so excited about doing 20 sit-ups with her partner, she jumps up, calls her partner for chest bumps and stands her ground. The other cheerleader no so much.

Other funny vids of Sophia:
Sophia On Growing Up & Make-Up
Sophia sings Silver Bells (without music)

Enjoy the vids and have a blessed day!

Paul & Daphne Garcia