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Patty Purcell
Name Patty Purcell
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Hobbies TV, Golf, Bowling, Swimming and reading.
About Me I've been watching Ellen a long time.,since her Sitcom on TV. Always love her and her wife while watching Ally Mcbeal. Too long along to put a date to it.
Patty Purcell
Win All the Prizes from Day 4 of 12 Days!
229 days ago

Dear Ellen,

Just commenting on how happy your show makes me feel. I have been
trying to win some of the 12 days of Christmas, please advise how to
enter the contest??? I have been watching you since your TV show and I'm very happy that you are doing well and also your congradulations on winning the Mark Twain award.

Patty Purcell
What’s Trending: December 2 - 6, 2013
229 days ago

Dear Ellen:

Love your show, I've been watching you for years, since your sitcom.
Loved your wife on Ally McBeal. Have been trying to win some prizes, but not doing very well. Would love to win some electronics. Keep up the good work. Will look forward to the Oscars.


Pat Purcell
Sun City Center, FL 33573