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Patty B. Janson
Name Patty B. Janson
Location Parker, Colorado
Age 36
Joined 329 days ago
Hobbies Reading playing on computer Ihave currently 2 boken ankles almost mended then I sprained the left foot so I can't be to active
About Me I have been in bed for almost six months I broke operated on I have so much metal in me it's crazy. I have had over 15 major ssurgeries,2 blood transfusions. I am starting to walk with a walking boot on my left foot the right foot with all the metal is doing good. Ellen my life hasn't been the greatest.. I have had a life of hell. My grandfather molested me time and time again. We never had enough food as I grew up my mom was always in a psych ward and I was Mom. I never had play time. I got 2 dresses when school started and 2 at Xmas. My Mom and Dad beat us all the time. My Mom swore my Dad was in love me. He did weird things. Always trying to see me naked and touching me in the wrong places Mom told me to get pregnant because Dad would never let me go and be out of his touch. I was en engaged in my senior year and got pregnant ASAP. My hubby cheated so many times and said I would never fine a man because I had bad stretch marks and flabby boobs. With being told all that I just figured no man would want me. He was a good father he coached my two boys but never without drinking a beer. The last 4 years he stopped having an affair. I was in a wreck 200I was hit twice I was sitting at a red light and two cars hit my car after the first hit I unhooked my safety belt then got tossed around the car because my grandson was in the back. They settled for 23,000 since I unhooked my safety belt. I also was diagnosed with severe Fibromyalgia and a bruised brain which means my short term memory is very poor. Due to the 15 drugs I take I have no saliva I have a dry mouth I lost all my top teeth and got a plate. Then the dentist said I need implants $24,000 for the bottom or go without any plate there is no bone structure or saliva there will be nothing to hold them in. My top ones are terrible. Please help me find someone to help with the top implants for the upper teeth. I love the bottom ones. We need help so bad we just can’t afford the ones we have and I am so embarrassed because my top plate falls out with the glue before the meals is complete. Please help me maybe then I can feel better about myself This year I will be 62 and can’t afford implants we are 3 payments behind plus I need implants for my upper teeth. I am begging you to see if anyone will help me. When we are eating with my family I go to my room to eat. I only get take outs so I don’t get embarrassed to eat. I am very happy when my grandchildren com over I have 4 and they are the best part of my life they make me laugh till my stomach hurts. They are my life and my future life. If you can't help me with my teeth maybe you could help me take the grandkids to Disneyworld. I almost perfer to give them something instead of me. If you can't help then I will just be happy laughing with you on your show. Thank you, Patty Janson Thanks You Patty Janson __________