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Patti Zasada
Day 2 of 12 Days, and Gerard Butler!
601 days ago

Hi Ellen, I just love watching your show everyday, I know, you hear that all the time...... My husband works about 60-72 hrs a week, I do about the same, 7 days a week, to try to make our dreams come true. I thank God that we even have jobs much less trying to have a business of our own. Its been over 3 years now that Ive been working this hard but I pray that its worth it in the end. I have an office job M-F til 3 or so then I go to my shop and work that til whenever plus Saturday and Sunday. My husband complains that we dont spend time together but until the store can stand on its own this is what I have to do. Since it's household money that still keeps the store going I would like to treat him to a TV for our newly acquired "man cave", get a new computer for the store and then help our kids and grandkids to have a Merry Christmas. Any extra would be gladly donated to needy families in our area. I look forward to brightening someones Christmas, just a tiny bit as much as you do everyday!