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patti Spiering
Name patti Spiering
Age 53
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Hobbies gardening and canning and freezing vegetables.Watching the Ellen Show
About Me I have been married for 24 years and have three children along with two grandchildren.I volunteer at my sons special needs class when i can get there.WE live a very moderate life with no frills.
patti Spiering
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161 days ago

my dear Ellen,our family needs a car desperately.I have A mentally challenged son that i cant get to appointments and i just this past week have been diagnosed with some serious health problems.the one car we have is 15 years old and my husband needs it to go to work and its on its last leg.I have a 24 year old daughter who lives in denham springs ,la that has my two grand babies,Madison is 3 and i haven't seen her since she was 1 week old and the second baby (Colby)i have never seen only in pictures.We as a family have never had a car worthy of a road trip how great would it be for if we could take one to see them???? Please helpus we would be so grateful....thank you

patti Spiering
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220 days ago

Hi ya Ellen.. Merry Christmas to all of you there.Thank you for blessing your fans with Christmas cheer.Our family has been down on our fortune and really could use some of your generosity.We are down to one car and its old,which inhibits me from working.It makes it difficult to make appointments(doctor dentist}for my kids.I have a daughter in Louisiana with my two grand-babies that I have not seen in three years.Was there when my first grandchild was born and have not meet my grandson who is now one.Would love to take a road trip sister who they have not seen in 4 years.We have never had a road trip and would love to experience it with them.Thanks you for being "ELLEN".