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Patti olmo
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Patti olmo
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161 days ago

I love all that you do for animals. I like you love animals too , my husband and I have 2 dogs, a golden retriever Madison and a pug .... Buddy they are our life. My reason for contacting you is to see if you would help me with a pet harness that I invented for our dog Madison . She developed a horrible hot spot at the base of her tail so the vet said she had to wear a cone which scared her terribly so I invented this harness. I named it maddies lick guard. It's not been easy getting it out there. My goal is to limit the use of the cone in any way that I can. I know maddies lick guard won't help all problems a dog can have but if I can prevent the use of the cone for a few things that's better than not at all.. Thank you for your time I hope you will help me with maddies lick gaurd