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Patti Brennen
Name Patti Brennen
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About Me I am a 48 year old (close to 49) mother of 2 children, blended family, boy and girl each 21 years old. I have a wonderful husband of almost 20 years. He is a kind, loving, hard working man who would do anything for our 2 children and our family. I work as an Administrative Assistant for the SMILE Program which is a program designed to keep seniors in their homes longer by doing their activities of daily living. It is an amazing program and I love my job. I was born and raised in a small town and I have never left. I am very blessed to have a close family and great group of friends. My husband and I work very hard, live a modest life, and we are very happy.
Patti Brennen
Emma Stone and Common
554 days ago

Hi Ellen, I watch show every day and I think you are amazing. Not only are you a beautiful person on the outside, but you are on the inside as well.

I know you love to play jokes on everyone and try to scare your guests, but I can honestly say I was shocked and horrified to see you bring the frog out on stage (I have the biggest fear of frogs) and put it on Savannah Guthries lap. I honestly was stunned and momentarily could not breathe. I thought was real. I would have dropped dead if that was me. I was mortified that you would do that and I literally stared at the tv for about 10 minutes in fear for that woman. Even when you said it was fake, I was still almost in tears.

I am a 48 year old woman, and I hope I get to come and see you in person, but I will make sure it is on a day when there are absolutely no animals or anphibians or whatever the heck a frog is allowed on the set.

Thank you for making me laugh every day, and for making me cry many days as well. You are a great person and I along with the millions of fans love your spirit, kindness and your sense of humor, as wicked as that might be.

Patti .