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Patti Botticello
Name Patti Botticello
Age 67
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Hobbies love to cook and go to gym and love up my grandchildren when I can
About Me I am a New York transplant to Ct. married to an Atty. and live in Ct. I'm shy, yet friendly, have two daughters and 5 grandchildren, love to cook and entertain and go to a gym with my friends. I have my own business, personal shopper, take people to procedures so their family members don't have to take time off from work, and that people who cannot otherwise get out, can get out. I am always making treats for them as well, I love my life of helping others. p
Patti Botticello
Quote of the Day: Fat Chance
504 days ago

I live in Ct. and I CAN buy a lottery ticket and have been for past few days, can't wait until hubby comes home and see if he kept his "loosing" tickets so I can see if their a winner for the 12 days of Christmas, My friend lives in Santa Monica, I'll tell her to get my bed ready, I'll be staying over a few days.