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Patsy Hayes
Name Patsy Hayes
Joined 557 days ago
Hobbies Make salt scrub for Xmas,and birthdays and sometimes just because.
About Me I am 61 and used to work at drs. Office.. Right now I am trying to get my social security disability which I have sciatica' headaches' a lump on my elbow, and arthritis. Guess I will have to get a wheelchair if I win the trip, or I could blackmail someone into doing it. Hahahaha I am Sure someone will . Here's hoping I win it would be a nice change of my life. Even if I do not win have fun, relax and enjoy the inlaws.
Patsy Hayes
David Spade, Sophia Grace & Rosie
527 days ago

Well the count down is going. I hope I can get to go but if I can NOT I HOPE SOMEONE GETS TO HO THAT DESERVERS IT As you notice I just got this at Christmas, I have worked on computers all my life a I get one and I can not get any thing out of it Well you girls have a good Valentetins Say hey to MAMA PATSY HAYES MYRTLE BEACH,S.

Patsy Hayes
Message from Ellen
529 days ago

I saw you and Portia styling last nite.You two are so cute now send. Me to Austrailia and several thousand so I can style out also I am a diabetic so I can not drink Patsy Hayes. Lol.

Patsy Hayes
Ewan McGregor, Sophia Grace & Rosie
536 days ago

I had trouble with my gmail but have it fixed. My gmail is
I was accepted already so I hope I do not have to wait a month again.Patsy Hayes please let Me know so I can reenter. I guess I am to old for these new gadgets.thank you Patsy Hayes

Patsy Hayes
Message from Ellen
557 days ago

Girl your show is the best on TV. I am 61 years old and I love it. as hey to Mama. Take care of her,I lost mine 8 years ago and I still turn to her to tell her a joke.Love ya Patsy a Hayes Myrtle Beach, SC

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