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Patrick Johnson
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Ellen, my name is Patrick. I'm the son in law of Mrs. Chessie Pradia Turner. She lives in Houston, Tx. She is a widow but is a very giving person. She helps everyone she can with her time, energy, and money. At this particular time she has gone to stay with her sister for one year to assist her with her adopted child. Her daughter Tasha and I are staying at her home until she returns. Ellen she drives a 1993 Cadillac Develle but that does not keep her from going to take care of whoever needs her. She gets in her Cadillac and off she goes.And she has a part time job. She is a care giver for a senior lady, which she loves doing. That shows just the kind of person she is. So Ellen if you can help her, we would be forever grateful. She really deserve a new lease on life. Yours truly Patrick Johnson