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Patricia (Trisha) Dowdle
Name Patricia (Trisha) Dowdle
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Hobbies Since I was in a leg cast for 10 months. My hobby is mainly listening and singing to music when alone while I do 100+ situps a day, not much else to do when you're unable to exercise any other way! :)
About Me I am 55, feel like I'm in my 30's, really! I also entered you 12 days of summer give away and tell all about myself and my situation. I don't want to bore anyone again with the details although only to say without you Ellen, giving of yourself, it would have been hard to get through everyday with much hope. Thank You for being you always!!! Love ya' Trisha :)
Patricia (Trisha) Dowdle
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352 days ago

I would like to Thank Ellen for her kindness and love of animals! She has also help me get some of my self esteem back just by watching her show everyday and believing in herself gives me hope and strength to become myself and not what my soon to be ex-husband wanted me to be; a woman that should be
weak, keeps her mouth shut and doesn't need or want friends. Now I know I can be myself!

Thank You Ellen! Trisha :)

Patricia (Trisha) Dowdle
Adoptable Pets of the Week
353 days ago

Hi Ellen,

I just looked you up in wikipedia to find out when your birthdate was because you mentioned last week that you were
55 years old, same age as me. You were about 1 month old when
I was born 2-25-58.

You are loved by so many people including myself. You have
helped give me my self-esteem back and hope that I might fall
in love again, of course if it's meant to be.

I am in a volaatile marriage which we have both agreed to
at least get a legal separation. Since I am determined to
go out on my own my mother said I have never sounded so
positive and powerful! And I have even gotten off my anti-

Thank you for all you do for us 2 legged creatures and especially for our 4 legged friends!!! I chose to not have
children so all my dogs (now have passed on) were my kids.

Trisha email:

Patricia (Trisha) Dowdle
Michael J. Fox, L.A. Reid and YouTube Sensation Psy!
376 days ago

My heart goes out to you right now! I am sorry to hear about
your horse. I love my pets so much that when I do lose them (here on earth) it's like losing a loved one!!!
Trisha :)