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Patricia M. in Northern CA
Name Patricia M. in Northern CA
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Hobbies Fine and performing arts, fine art photography, animals, travel, reading, cooking, human rights, education, helping women with self-esteem issues, music, and politics.
About Me When I was just 16 years old, I decided to become a professional fine art photographer. I followed my dream through education (BFA in photography), Worked in many jobs as a photographer, teacher of photography, scientific & medical photographer, and started my own fine art photography business: Creativreimage. I have always been interested in issues of self esteem and body image and this was/is reflected in my work. My work has been published, exhibited, & collected worldwide. i have worked on two films for Canada concerning body image. and been a presented at national eating disorder conferences. Photography has been my profession and my passion. I am interested in showing the beauty and vitality of people who are not usually considered in many societies as powerful. My themes have included aging & vitality, disability & sexuality, gender. I am interested in creating a new visual language concerning body image and self-esteem. My fight is against the medical/diet industry which makes billions of dollars a year on keeping people (particularly women) insecure about their bodies, beauty, and self-worth. I have been photographing for many decades.
Patricia M. in Northern CA
It's a 12 Days Bonus Day!
208 days ago

Just wanted to "high five you", Ellen! You are the cat's meow! Although I am not a big television watcher, I am finding myself settling into a comfy chair and watching your show as often as I can.Your show comes on at 4pm in the San Francisco Bay Area. Your show (and you) are by turns: hilarious, amusing, heartfull, zesty, human and humane, exciting and surprising, refreshing, uplifting, smart, topical, educational, lovingly snarky, eye-opening, and even political. Your openness has turned alot of folk's heads around concerning the LGBT community. As for me, a straight woman, I have always felt that EVERYONE deserved to be treated respectfully with regard to their orientation AND everyone deserves to be loved. I congratulate you on all your thoughtful and empowering acts of kindness aand strength. Congratulations for being funny and political at the same time. I am thinking about adopting a cat or dog too. Thanks for doing what you GO girl!

Patricia M. in Northern CA
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226 days ago

Hello Ellen, I became physically disabled in 1987 due to illness. I was in my 30's. For the longest time I have wanted a cat friend for my little apartment. I live in a low income complex for disabled people and pets are allowed here. I love animals but what has stopped me is the costs involved with having a pet (or the pet having me).i have always taken pet ownership very having a child that never grows up. A pet like a child is in my care for all of its', shelter, food, toys, medical care..EVERYTHING! committing to a pet is a serious and wonderful lifelong responsibility. Unfortunately, due to being disabled I live on a low fixed income that cannot support owning and caring for a pet too. This has been very painful for me to accept. I appealed to my. local Humane Society for help but they don't help people (in particular, low income seniors) who don't ALREADY own a pet. One last point, since I became disabled, I have become more and more socially isolated and a loving pet would be so wonderful in my life!
Have very rarely done this but I am hoping you could help me with the financial aid to own a kitty of my own. Ofcourse, my kitty would be one I would get from a shelter as they need forever homes acutely. By the way, I do give a small donation to a great organization, Fix Our Ferals, in Berkeley, CA each year. Anyway, I am rambling so best to sign off. I realize you've heard this a million. times but You are THE BEST and have done so much. for animals and humans..keep up the great work!